Robert's Story

Robert Saldutti did not expect to end up at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Robert, an avid runner, was in the process of training for his 17th marathon. On June 4, 2016 after a 12.5 mile run, he knew something was wrong. Unsure of how it happened, Robert drove himself to Hahnemann’s emergency room.  Everything that followed was a blur.

Robert went into cardiac arrest five to six times, including a single episode in the catheterization lab. During this time of uncertainty for Robert and his family, Hahnemann’s staff was there.

Hahnemann’s medical professionals were extremely diligent and knowledgeable. Robert credits everyone from Drs. Banka and Shah to Lamar, as well as the employee who cleaned his room for the incredible care that he was given.

“I continued to get the sense that people cared,” Robert said. “Any organization can hire well educated individuals, but great organizations hire people who care. It creates a culture of excellence. I haven’t spent much time in hospitals, but there was a clear sense of purpose.”

While Robert does not remember the first four days in the intensive care unit, his family recalls every second. They too are grateful for the exceptional care that was given to their loved one.