Evelyn's Story

Evelyn OrthopedicWhen Evelyn Dobson, Director of Clinical Quality and Informatics for the Physician Practice Plan, needed a hip replacement, she immediately knew where she was going to go for care -- Hahnemann University Hospital.

Evelyn had a positive surgical experience from pre-op to recovery. In the hours leading up to surgery, most patients experience the anxiety and stress that come with a surgical procedure. Evelyn explained the pre-operative team preparing her for surgery was excellent in relieving some of that anxiety and making her feel very comfortable. 

Evelyn’s procedure was performed by Hahnemann’s Dr. Vincent Moretti, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in total joint replacement and adult reconstruction surgery. She was greatly impressed by his modern surgical approach and respectful bedside manner. Evelyn also recognized Dr. Moretti for his patience and thoroughness – she recommends that any patient come with questions because he will be sure to answer them all. 

Dr. Moretti, a fellowship-trained surgeon in orthopedic surgery and adult reconstruction, came to Hahnemann with new techniques, such as minimally invasive muscle sparing anterior hip replacements and anterior and bikini/hidden incision hip approach. Techniques such as these are creating better outcomes for patients like Evelyn in that they reduce the risk of infection and leave less scarring. 

“If I had to get the procedure done again, I would go to Dr. Moretti,” Evelyn said.