Bert and Angel’s Story

Bert and Angel Fox Interview

More than two decades ago, Bert Fox Jr. received the gift of life after getting a new liver. After his new lease on life, Bert, along with his wife, Angel, became unrelenting advocates for organ donation. Bert and Angel traveled around the country, coaching and competing in the annual Transplant Games.

After almost 22 years with his donated liver, Bert received some troubling news. The anti-rejection medication given to liver transplant patients became nephrotoxic, which caused irreparable damage to his kidneys. Unfortunately, Bert found himself back on the transplant waiting list.

Upon hearing this news, Bert’s family sprang into action. His son, Bert III, volunteered to become a living donor for his father. But Angel had other plans in mind — there was no question about it she was going to donate her kidney to Bert. Described as one of the best moments of their lives, Angel found out that she was a match. She was able to give her kidney to her husband.

When it came time to choose where their operation would take place, Bert and Angel chose Hahnemann University Hospital. According to the couple, the reputation of Hahnemann’s transplant surgeons Drs. Gary Xiao and Stephen Guy — and the presence of their “transplant family” — made the decision an easy one. Angel, a registered nurse at a hospital in New Jersey, praised the knowledgeable and professional staff on the 19th floor, especially their nurse Rob, for their kindness and caring manner.

Bert and Angel’s story of life and love has made headlines across the tri-state area. Their story of life, love and sacrifice is a testament to the importance of becoming an organ donor.