Liver Transplant

Patients in the Hahnemann University Hospital Liver Disease Transplant Program receive advanced care from a highly respected team of specialists offering these advantages:

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) approved and certified.
  • An experienced multidisciplinary team providing high survival outcomes, devoted solely to the care of the transplant patient.
  • Expertise with high risk transplant recipients.
  • Immunosuppressive drugs tailored to the individual recipient to best avoid adverse effects.
  • Clinical and laboratory research to reduce organ rejection and improve transplant success.
  • Alternatives to transplant offered for patients who have other treatment options.
  • Expertise with antiviral therapies for patients with hepatitis.
  • Expertise with curative therapies for patients with liver, pancreas and bile duct tumors.
  • Appointment scheduled immediately upon patient’s initial contact with the program.
  • Improving the ​quality of life

Improved Quality of Life

A successful liver transplant can offer patients with liver disease a return to a full and active lifestyle for many years to come. Usually, they will be free of the weakness, fatigue, confusion and lack of appetite that plagued them prior to the transplant.

The transplant team at Hahnemann University Hospital is committed to providing the benefits of liver transplantation to all appropriate patients interested in exploring this option. Our goal is to assist patients through the evaluation process, get them placed on the national waitlist and then complete transplantation in the shortest possible time with the best possible outcome.

We take pride in the excellent service we provide. Physicians and staff communicate directly with you and there is always a member of the transplant team on-call for after hour concerns.

Who is a candidate for liver transplant?

You may be a candidate for a liver transplant if you have been diagnosed with acute or fulminante liver failure or a chronic liver disease, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer), autoimmune liver disease, or alcoholic or non-alcoholic liver disease.  Part of the evaluation process will be to determine your MELD score, which is derived from laboratory tests and predicts the severity of liver failure.

The Liver Failure Unit at Hahnemann University Hospital

This dedicated unit provides focused care to patients with advanced liver disease who require in-patient hospitalization, including those being evaluated for or awaiting liver transplantation or post-transplant care. Hahnemann’s experienced liver failure team, including hepatologists, transplant surgeons and other specialists, partner with specially trained nursing staff to ensure a high level of care for these complex patients.  Advanced liver disease can be the result of chronic or acute liver disorders such as hepatitis, hepatocellular carcinoma, alcoholic or non-alcoholic fatty liver, or autoimmune liver diseases.

In addition, the unit will allow for successful execution of ongoing research and clinical trials being conducted by the medical staff and research team at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Satellite offices

Hahnemann University Hospital's Liver Disease Transplant Program has satellite offices throughout the Delaware Valley. 


  • Hahnemann University Hospital: 216 North Broad Street, Philadelphia
  • Northeast Philadelphia, Fishtown: 2424 York Street, Philadelphia
  • Northeast Philadelphia, Cottman Avenue: 2813 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia
  • Northeast Philadelphia, Holme Avenue: 2701 Holme Avenue, Philadelphia
  • Abington: 1245 Highland Avenue, Abington
  • Warminster: 215 Newtown Road, Warminster
  • Reading: 525 Penn Street, Reading
  • Lehighton: 204 State Street, Lehighton

New Jersey

  • Marlton: 601 North Route 73, Marlton
  • Pennington: 2 Capital Way, Pennington
  • Egg Harbor Township: 3205 Fire Road, Egg Harbor Township
  • South Plainfield: 904 Oak Tree Avenue, South Plainfield

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To schedule an appointment with The Liver Transplant Program at Hahnemann University Hospital, please call us at (215) 762-3900. ​Read success stories from transplant patients at Hahnemann.