Organ Transplantation

Hahnemann University Hospital is a leading institution for liver and kidney transplantation.

In 1963, Hahnemann became the first hospital in the Philadelphia region to perform kidney transplants. The current team continues this time-honored tradition of providing excellent patient care in this highly specialized and life-giving field.

The transplant teams at Hahnemann University Hospital are committed to providing the benefits of organ transplantation to all appropriate patients interested in exploring this option. Our goal is to assist patients through the evaluation process, place them on the national wait list and then complete the transplantation in the shortest possible time with the best possible outcome. Read success stories from transplant patients at Hahnemann.

Leaders in Quality Care

Hahnemann University Hospital is committed to providing quality patient care in an academic setting. The hospital offers advanced medical technologies and treatments, and has received many awards and designations for its clinical excellence.
Offering patients with advanced liver disease a return to a full and active lifestyle.

We offer patients with kidney disease a return to a normal lifestyle, free from dialysis and frequent medical care.