Stroke Center

Features of our care:

  • We’ve earned a Gold Seal of Approval™ from The Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers
  • We offer advanced treatments to limit damage from stroke, including clot-dissolving medication, embolization procedures, neuroradiologic treatments and more
  • Our neurointensive care program provides treatment for patients with neurological illnesses that require ICU care 

Recovering from a Stroke

When you experience a stroke, prompt and accurate care is of vital importance. The Acute Stroke Center at Hahnemann University Hospital delivers advanced treatment for those who require urgent diagnosis and treatment for a stroke in progress. 

The center also works with patients who need an evaluation to reduce their risk of recurrent stroke and those who may benefit from a planned rehabilitation program and home care to promote their independence after experiencing a stroke.

Delivering Specialized Care

With new drugs and sophisticated procedures, treatments with the potential to reverse the debilitating effects of stroke have become a reality. Within three hours of the onset of stroke symptoms, treatment can be administered to help during this acute phase of stroke. Based on the cause and location of the stroke, Acute Stroke Center doctors select the stroke treatment to best limit damage. These advanced treatments include:

  • Administration of clot-dissolving agents
  • Embolization procedures
  • Interventional neuroradiologic treatments
  • Stents and angioplasty 

Immediately following the acute phase of care, a planned program of stroke rehab begins to help patients regain strength, relearn activities of daily living and function as independently as possible. The Acute Stroke Center can also help to arrange for an interdisciplinary home care team to support patients in the home environment, providing education on new medications, the use of assistive devices and assistance with activities of daily living. 

Neurointensive Care Program

Hahnemann also provides treatment for patients with neurological illnesses that require ICU care. Our team of neurointensivists offers care specifically designed for neurological diseases with all of the resources of a tertiary care center. Neurological illnesses appropriate for this program include:

  • Intracerebral hemorrhage
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Head trauma
  • Increased intracranial pressure due to stroke or mass lesion
  • Status epilepticus
  • Mysathenic crisis
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome 

Learn More

If you’d like to refer a patient, Acute Stroke Center doctors are available via phone 24 hours a day to consult with doctors throughout the Delaware Valley. Call (215) 762-1267. 

If you’d like to make an appointment for yourself or a loved one or have questions about Hahnemann’s Acute Stroke and Neurointensive Care Program, call us at (215) 762-1267.