Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Do you object to the use of blood transfusions in medical procedures? Whether it’s for religious or personal reasons, a growing number of people seek to avoid exposure to donated blood. Hahnemann University Hospital has established the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery in order to meet the need for medically acceptable alternatives.

We work to combine advanced medical technology with an experienced team of health care professionals to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, trust and respect. In “bloodless” medical or surgical treatment, we work to minimize blood loss by using special blood-conservation methods. This allows us to avoid the use of banked or stored allogenic or primary blood components. Hahnemann makes use of blood conservation devices, pharmaceuticals and meticulous minimally invasive surgery techniques to make this possible.

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You can learn more about bloodless medicine and surgery by requesting a free brochure by calling a bloodless care coordinator at 1 (800) 472-3277. You can also learn more about Hahnemann’s Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery by calling us at (215) 762-7000.