Behavioral Health

Mental and behavioral health care is a priority at Hahnemann University Hospital. Clinicians with our adult Psychiatric Medical Care Unit continually work to develop new programs to meet our needs, providing behavioral health services on an emergency, inpatient and more. Our inpatient behavioral health services include:

  • A dedicated 20-bed adult Psychiatric Medical Care Unit
  • A therapeutic environment that ensures our multidisciplinary team can support our patients in a recovery oriented behavioral health model of care
  • Individualized treatment planning that offers a variety of comprehensive case management services to insure continuity of care for discharge planning
  • A commitment to holistic approach to the care of the patient by treating both psychiatric and medical disorder

Compassionate Mental and Behavioral Health Care

The Psychiatric Medical Care Unit provides careful and thorough evaluations that address both psychiatric and medical disorders.  Along with the unit’s psychiatric team, the internal medicine consult service evaluates and treats all patients that require medical services and treatment, and additional consultations with a wide-variety of specialists are available within the hospital. Our interdisciplinary team also specializes in dual diagnosis treatment for patients with secondary diagnoses, such as substance abuse or dependency. Patients of the Psychiatric Medical Care will find:

  • Recovery and transformation system of care
  • Individualized services for acute psychiatric patients
  • Teamwork and collaboration within an interdisciplinary academic setting (Hahnemann Clinical Practice Team Award Recipient)
  • Integration of psychiatric and medical specialties/consultations in an academic setting

For More Information

To refer a patient to Hahnemann University Hospital's Psychiatric Medical Care Unit, please call our behavioral health clinician at 215-762-8933, or call the hospital operator at 215-762-7000 and ask to page 41796. Referrals are taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week.